With numerous ride-hailing apps and so-called black car services, luxury chauffeur services are misjudged by many. It has even become difficult to find a real luxury chauffeur or limousine company online as the terms premium chauffeur, black cars and professional chauffeurs are wrongly misused by many ride-hailing apps. The big question is how can a luxury chauffeur service be differentiated from conventional providers and what makes it so special. The simple answer would be that with a luxury chauffeur service, you get more than just a ride. Here are some basic differences between premium services and ride-hailing/taxi services. 

High quality fleet: the brand and condition of the vehicle play a major role in a luxury chauffeur service. Traditionally, the luxury fleet consists of top brands such as Mercedes, Rolls Royce, Bentley, etc. However, the brand name is not the only definition of luxury. Every improved feature is a symbol of technological progress. Vehicle specification is another key element that sets Executive Chauffeurs apart.

Tailor-made service: luxury stands for individuality and flexibility. Adapting each service to the guest's wishes is crucial to the company's success.

Preparation for the ride: the best chauffeur companies do everything to ensure that the wishes of the guests are met. Each ride is preceded by careful planning. The chauffeurs are well informed about the guest's expectations in advance.

Customer service and communication: another key difference between a luxury chauffeur/limousine and a ride-sharing service or cab is the way a professional chauffeur company communicates with its customers. Unlike other providers, chauffeur companies offer their clients advice and assistance in planning their trip. This level of personal communication and engagement is an added value for affluent travelers. 
Drive Luxury defines luxury as a complete fulfillment of the guest's expectations. Our expertise and a well-coordinated team ensure a smooth experience in the name of comfort and style.

Chauffeur selection: Chauffeurs are the cornerstone of the luxury chauffeur business. A professional chauffeur is much more than just a driver, he attaches great importance to the passenger's safety and is a reliable helper. In addition, the passenger's privacy is maintained at all times. 

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