Geneva is renowned for its quality of life; it is the city of luxury and wealth. It offers a blend of contemporary and nature, both of which fit together perfectly. The city of timepieces and world-class jewellery offers a captivating backdrop with Lake Geneva and the snow-capped peaks of the Alps. There are many traditional museums, houses and streets in the old town. If you have ever been to Geneva, there are many wonderful places to visit, here are 4 of them.

Cathedral of St. Pierre

This Methodist cathedral at the top of the historic center is the oldest religious church in the city. From the 157 steps of the north tower you have a magnificent view of Lake Geneva, but also of the entire city. The cathedral was constructed from 1160 and has been restored so that everyone can enjoy this massive structure. Beneath the cathedral is an archaeological site where there is plenty to see and discover.

The Floral Clock

It is the most frequented clock in the city and is placed in the English Garden. You are going to be amazed by its big water jet. It is the most photo-shopped clock in the country. The flower clock is composed of 6500 plants and flowers.

The Museum of Art & History

It was officially inaugurated in 1910, but was not finished until 1940. It is a multi-disciplinary art museum. Hence, it is possible to show exhibitions and art collections, among which painting, architecture, archeology, sculpture and applied arts.

Geneva Lake
Lake Geneva is a tremendous natural lake located in the area between France and Switzerland. You will not only enjoy the view of the lake, but also be astounded by the famous Geneva Fountain landmark, with its 140 meters high water jet. This large fountain is a definite must-see.
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