The Mercedes Maybach is known for its luxury and spacious interior. Perfect for a business trip or a delegation.

Free cancellation
Cancellation of a reservation up to 10 days prior to booking is free of charge. Cancellation between 10 days and 72 hours prior to booking will incur a charge of up to 20%. Cancellation between 72 and 48 hours prior to booking will be charged at 50%. Cancellation less than 48 hours before the reservation will be charged up to 100%. By providing us with your credit card, you authorise us to charge these amounts in the event of a cancellation or you confirm that you will transfer this amount by bank transfer in the event of a cancellation. All cancellation requests must be sent by email to Cancellations by message or telephone cannot be accommodated.

Refuelling rules
Only the required fuel may be used. (Displayed in the fuel filler flap) Drive Luxury's refuelling policy is full to full. The tank is full when you collect your vehicle and you must return it with a full tank.

Vehicle delivery
After you have hired your suitable vehicle, Drive Luxury will deliver it to your address wherever you are and to any address you wish. Customers can collect and return their vehicle in all Western European airport cities, including Italy, Germany, France and Austria, for an additional fee for any service outside Geneva or Vienna. We deliver the Mercedes Maybach free of charge to the airport and city of Vienna and to the airport and city of Geneva.

Latest car models
Drive Luxury provides you with a large fleet of the latest car models, be it SUVs, sports cars or sedans. All are equipped with advanced technologies and luxury features. Drive Luxury's vehicles are always up to date and we only offer you the latest makes and models.
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