The Mercedes V-Class is the vehicle that meets the needs of a family trip or a trip in small groups. The vehicle offers space for 6 to 7 passengers with 7 standard luggage. For a comfortable journey independent of a leisure or business trip, it is the perfect solution for a small group. Mercedes will present the restyling of its spacious family car. The favorite vehicle of chic shuttle drivers goes through the phase of an update; let’s take a look at the new modifications of the V class.

The V class is a future electric car; one of the main updates is a new diesel engine. The operation of restyling is clearly visible in the front bumper, which has a large air inlet, at the bottom, ending on both sides with chrome hooks. The AMG Line finish grille adopts a new pattern, and the dashboard vents are also modified.

The V class features 4 innovative wheel models (17 to 19 inches) and new colors for the palette. In the interior, the aerators have a cutting-edge look together with fully stretched out and air-conditioned front seats.

The real innovation of this V class is hidden under its hood where a new 2-liter 4-cylinder diesel makes its entry. It will be declined in version 250d and 300d respectively of 190 or 239 hp. Mercedes announces that it corrects one of the main defects of the V-Class, namely to provide a diesel engine less vibrant and less loud than the previous one.

As an option, the automatic transmission will now have 9 gears. Mercedes also announces that on the Geneva stand, a 100% electric concept of this Class V will be presented. It will be called EQV. If you want to discover more about this outstanding vehicle in Geneva International Motor Show of 2019.  Contact Drive Luxury for all your transportation requirements during the trade show, for airport transfers or car rental,  in Vienna or Geneva. 

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